Monday, February 9, 2015

YOU CAN HATE ME now ::::: this document is called “smart things I say that I should be paid for but won’ t be”

listen up boys

this document is called “smart things I say that I should be paid for but won’t be”


the folder is entitled pragmatically          :::::
but not totally accurately :::::
“journalism 2015”
some smart people
just ignore


about  anything


depends on

really ugly

white capitalist dudes :::::

the best people do that.
i want to be the best.
i am not the best.


god & jesus help me.


(((((they, god & jezus,  don’t seem to like helping ladies.  especially the super fertile ladies like me with all the kids.)))))



so many things I should be doing.  Folding clothes into my kids’ drawers for school tomorrow. griddling some hamburgers for dinner.  Heating up yesterday’s mashed potatoes for dinner.
grading poor :::::

hungry & hungry & very hungry papers written by poor hungry students.


i know.
i seriously know.
it’s hard to know.


what we should pay attention to.
i like beck, beyonce, & kanye.
i mean, there are some things I like.
there are things I like about d’angleo, hildegard, machaut, marina abramovich.
kanye  had a point.
none of which.

i can’t be owned

even if I want
here and now.
(((((yeezus is my shepherd/not my shepherd & i shall/shall not want)))))
cn b dvrcd frm sck cptlstic stm.
if you can read that baby


i don’t hate you as much

a  system with no vowels, no mothers, no wymn.


but fuck.
what’s the fkn difference?
you need to go deeper.
beck resorted to a singer songwriter schtick &
he resorted.
he did.
he forsook harmonic & rhythmic interest
& he got money for it
mormons call that preistcraft
julie told me I would get bored of yeezus
& I did
\/ venice (LA) sunsets.
never disagree that LA doesn’t control the world.
i’m sorry that
i don’t hate it
it reminds me of my (white) childhood
like sstrada & shit (((((ponch)))))


carole king or james whats-his-name. the brill building heroin (white) guy. 
W (((((hite)))))
white guys pissing scared.
i’m not going to parse.
white guys R skeered.
i heard yesterday
that I am not good at parsing.
i’m sorry that you
 ((((( I )))))
have to do better, baby.
thought for a second there was
u & i ,
i’m sorry.
i probably never will be.
should I keep
be sorry like always?
i          know
you say yeah
like always baby
like five babies, baby


i was lying in bed.


there’s so much more :::::
baby yeez



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  2. Brilliant. Your words make my spirit want to dance in defiance. Thank you for this, Lara!